This tutorial is for the Everdrive V2 Krikzz or Chinese clone.


Everdrive megadrive/genesis V2 make black screen, Why ?

An everdrive V2 is capable of starting on a Sega Megadrive without SD card inserted and without battery (for the Chinese version). If your console is working properly with standard games and your Everdrive connector is clean, your EVMD is likely to be broken. How can my Everdrive MD VC2 be bricked? : The Everdrive MD V2 version of (krikzz or Chinese) reads roms on SD to write them on its Eeprom. But here, nobody thought about it but there is a risk of brick with each writing of a games on the eeprom. The everdrive (OS) boot program is on this same eeprom. The OS of Everdrive and the game loaded in memory share the same EEPROM but are stored at different memory addresses If there is a problem during the flash of a game => Everdrive HS.


So there are two ways to debunk your Everdrive MD 2:

1 -Use the backup firmware (very rarely useful):
Hold down the A + B + C buttons on controller # 1 and turn on the system. The reserve OS should start.

2 - Manually reflash the eeprom with a dump of a functional cartridge:
We start by opening the cartridge to discover the PCB, here we end up with a Chinese clone PCB equipped with an Altera MAX2 and an EEPROM M29W640 (identical component to krikzz's v2):

We must remove the ST M29W640 eeprom, it is in this chip that the OS is stored as well as your games recently flashed. Let's start by protecting our pcb with high temperature tape Then proceed to remove the M29W640 eeprom.

Proceed with setting up your EEPROM in your programmer to read the M29W640 chip and save the corrupt binary file, this will eventually allow you to recover information on the brick.


Now proceed to write a non corrumpus binary file (dumper on a functional cartridge) available in the download section HERE

Reposition your eeprom using a powerful LED torch under the PCB:


Perform the welds :


 Enjoy !



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