Delta DreamTray for GDEMU

What is the "DreamTray"?

The Dreamtray is an extension for your GDEMU.
The fits into the housing of your old GDROM on the upper shell of your Dreamcast
It is equipped with an extension cable and an SD connector to be able to deport the insertion of your SD card.
It is also equipped with two buttons which manage the GDI and CDI images installed in your SD card.

Why the DreamTray?

Like many peuple, we have try GDEMU type ODE (original or clone ...).

We have show some small flaws with our GDEMU:

  • The Dreamcast remains with a gaping hole in place of the GDROM following the installation of the GDMEU.
  • When we inserting / removing the SD card, we request the SD card connector of the GDEMU (very fragile plastic connector on some version)
  • When inserting / removing the SD card, we request the SD card connector of the GDEMU (very fragile plastic connector on some version)
  • The SD card can slip from our fingers and fall into the console
  • The GDEMU is only mounted on GDROM connector, the GDROM connector of the motherboard is mechanically stressed each time the SD card is inserted / removed.
  • The management of the change of disc is limited to one button
  • Ventilation problem due to the absence of the GDROM reader. The ventilation system developed by Sega is no longer effective due to the hole left by the absence of the GDROM.
    The DreamTray will obstruct the gaping hole left by the absence of your GD-ROM, which will allow your console to recover its nominal ventilation system.
  • Power supply temperature rise problem due to the lack of load on the power rail of the GDROM drive motors (Edit: Solution available here : GDEMU Power Supply Mod)
    There are solutions in 3D printing, but the quality is disappointing, the end result is not good quality.

Where to buy your DreamTray?

Currently available on eBay
Search for "DreamTray" on eBay, you will find it ...

How to assemble and install the DreamTray?

The assembly and installation of the DreamTray remains very affordable if you have already handled a soldering iron.
A video tutorial is available on youtube:


How to test your UP & DOWN buttons on your DreamTray ?

It is important to know that the buttons are active, but that the GDMENU software does not take into account the commands of the UP and DOWN buttons in real time, in the same way as the original button present on your GDEMU.
To test your buttons in real time, you have to do it from the "Music" menu of the Dreamcast bios.

To do this, from GDMENU press the Y button on your controller

GDMENU will ask you this :
Confirmed by "YES"

Back into the bios, go to "MUSIC" menu
You now have real time feedback to test your UP & DOWN buttons from the "music" menu.
You will see your different GDI and CDI images disc scrolling

Obviously, the buttons are 100% active during your games, otherwise there would be no interest


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